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We are MesaHacks

It isn’t everyday that you find something you love to do. It could start when you look in the sky and wonder what it’s like to be there. It could start when you see an unfinished bridge, and you want to connect it. It could start when you look at the ground, and wonder how you can shake it. MesaHacks is for the people who treat the sky as a starting point—not a limit. It’s for those of you who want to build connections with others, while building things together. It’s for the people who want to change the landscape of our world because our future depends on the foundation we set today. We know who you are and where you want to be, and we want you to be here. MesaHacks is a premier hackathon in sunny San Diego, and our goal is simple: we want to connect you with like-minded individuals in a setting that will both challenge and inspire you to keep building amazing things. We love what we do, and we look forward to seeing what you love to do at our event.

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Newbie Track

Through an immersive program specially curated for attendees new to the hacking experience, MesaHacks will help you hone your technical and creative abilities as you progress through the Newbie track. You get the luxury of attending in-depth workshops presented by industry leaders and professionals, and what’s even better is that you can instantly apply these skills within your team. If you are new to hackathons and want to learn from the best while working with the best, choose this track.

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Software Track

Software is at the core of technology, providing all of humankind with unparalleled user experiences. Here at MesaHacks, our Software Track will carry this message forward as we provide ambitious computer scientists with the opportunity to develop cutting-edge software. Whether you are learning front-end development or are a master of Python, you will undoubtedly create something memorable and impactful. If you identify yourself as a seasoned programmer, or have a working knowledge of programming, this track is the one for you.

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Engineering Track

Engineering is the fundamental root of all innovation, and what better place to innovate than at MesaHacks? MesaHacks has the perfect setup for students interested in designing products, building prototypes, and working on dynamic systems. From Arduinos to good old breadboards, engineering students will have access to a diverse set of advanced technologies at our event. If you want to put your engineering skills to the test and build something remarkable, this is the track for you.


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Check in begins Breezeway 9:00 AM
Opening Ceremony Mesa Commons 11:00 AM
Hacking Begins Mesa Commons 12:00 PM
Lunch Breezeway 12:00 PM
Dinner Breezeway 7:00 PM


Breakfast Breezeway 8:00 AM
Hacking Ends Mesa Commons 12:00 PM
Lunch Breezeway 12:00 PM
Expo Mesa Commons 1:30 PM
Closing Ceremony Mesa Commons 3:00 PM
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What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is where you turn your crazy ideas into real stuff. Hundreds of hackers from across California will gather and build something they're passionate about. You take care of building. We'll take care of you.

What can I build?

You can build whatever your heart desires, whether its a web app, mobile app, hardware hack, or an open source tool. Any project that falls under one of the three tracks (Newbie, Software, and Engineering) is recommended.

Our main focus is to bring you a learning experience where you can have fun, ask questions, and experiment with technology.

Can anyone participate?

Yes! This event is open to coders, designers, artists, and anyone else who wants to create! No prior coding or technical experience is necessary,​ and​ ​everyone​ ​is​ ​welcome​ ​to​ ​participate​ ​in​ ​the​ ​hackathon! Note: you must be 18+ to attend.

Are there teams?

You may work individually or on a team of no more than five people.

Does it cost anything?

Nope! Our event is completely free. You just need to secure transportation and we'll handle the rest.

What should I bring?

Bring your ID, computer, and sleeping bag (optional). All the necessary equipment for hardware projects will be provided. We'll also have a hardware lab with a variety of devices and parts.

What if I don't know how to code?

Interest in learning and working with technology is much more important than your current experience level. No experience is needed — you will be able to work with various mentors, interact with companies, and learn alongside fellow participants.

I don't see my question!

No worries, reach out to us via Facebook, Twitter, or just send us an email at

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Meet Our Team

Devon Rojas
Devon Rojas Executive Director
Matthew Simon
Matthew Simon Director of Finance
Jonathan Zamora
Jonathan Zamora Director of Marketing
Travus Clark
Travus Clark Director of Operations
Alec Estus
Zac Bolick Marketing Lead
Yueqi Wang
Yueqi Wang Design Lead
Alec Estus
Alec Estus Design Lead
Preston Reed
Preston Reed Finance Lead
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